The Astrology of Midlife

As Energetic beings, we are a part of a much larger system. Whether we know it or not, feel it or not - we are affected by the powers that be. Powers that come through our illuminaries (the Sun & Moon), planets, constellations and other bodies in our galaxy - as well as the 6 galaxies beyond ours and all that they contain. Of course this impacts all humans differently depending on how sensitive we are, how healthy and clear our channels are, and of course our personal Astrology that was imprinted upon us at the moment of our bEarth. Our natal chart holds keys for our energetic makeup and life purpose but there are many other helpful charts and readings as well. There are lunar and solar return charts, Soul progressions, and the Saturn return to name a few. But these are not what I want to get into today. Right now I am going to share with you some transits that I am personally going through right now, which are referred to as the Midlife Crisis. Lovely words, right? I’m not about to start talking about botox and fancy cars. Although those behaviours should have you wondering. Do we really do these things out of fear of a ticking clock? Or is there something bigger behind our feelings and actions that influence us.

What is a “crisis” really, but obstacle plus opportunity?


The first of the Midlife transits is Pluto Square Pluto. A square in this case is when our natal Pluto is at a 90 degree angle from the transiting Pluto. This creates inner restrictions and obstacles forcing us to grow and integrate. For me personally, this part of my experience has already passed. It can happen for us around the ages of 36-41 and this door to the middle of our lives is opened by none other than death itself. Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld is not going to rest until he shows you what in your life needs to be transformed. It forces us to face head on what is no longer working and therefore - needs to die. The longer we fight these truths the harder it becomes. So, while most of us are in the middle of being a “grownup”, holding responsibilities like raising children, working a job, and finding balance in relationships of all kinds - something deep inside our subconscious is starting to simmer.  Ah, the sweet smell of stagnation. When we start to feel the Energy of our Pluto Square the simmering slowly begins to turn into a boil. We can't stuff certain feelings down anymore like we used to. Buried resentments start to surface like old bones and we can sometimes feel powerless to the feelings that seem to be taking over our lives. If we refuse to look at these aspects of our lives, Pluto will turn up the heat. We may completely change careers, dissolve a marriage or even move out of the country. This is one of the many evolutionary opportunities in our lives. It's the shedding of old skin. We either breakdown or breakthrough. Pluto isn't really the bad guy. Although if you aren't a fan of someone or "something” attempting to break down your psychological blocks there could be a major battle that manifests either internally or externally. Sometimes both. Pluto is the mastermind behind the common phrase, “Release what no longer serves you for your highest and greatest good.” It can be the beginnings of a beautiful and healing journey if we allow it. And as someone who is at the end of this transit I can say that beyond any difficulties and heartache, it will lead you to a higher truth. It's interesting that at this time of my life I changed my business name to Chrysalis Energy Medicine. I made this change before I dove further into the study of Astrology. I did know that I was in the middle of a significant transformation. Wondering how you will know? You will feel it down to your very core.

The next transit of Midlife is Neptune square Neptune, beginning around our 40th year. And yes, I am currently navigating the flow of this one. This is a major shift in our Consciousness as the veil between what we know and what we believe begins to dissolve. Some of us may find ourselves entering a Spiritual revolution. If we were already connected to the magical Neptunian lifestyle our quest may be strengthened and better supported.  But our faith will be tested. Our logical mind may become fuzzy, disorienting us. We may realize that we have no idea where the path we are on is leading us. This is a time for dreaming, seeing synchronicities and appreciating the subtle answers that life gives us. But if our psychic sensitivities are blocked, this could lead to disillusion and fear beginning a spiral into escapism. Media and other outside sources can easily trick us if our 3rd eye is not open and balanced. A relapse or new addiction to bad habits can hold us back from our higher calling. Don’t let it. Believe in yourSelf and your reason for being here. This can also be a very empowering time of healing. It is easier to let go of any attachments that bind us. Neptune energy affects our nervous systems. Learn how to connect and listen to your body so you are able to give it what it needs. See that anxiety can be a signal steering you away from what isn’t for you. We are too old to pretend, it's okay to admit when it is time to walk away. Be gentle with youSelf and others, finding ways to ease any discomfort. Peace as well as answers can come through a reignited relationship with art, music and the beauty of nature. Wondering how to get through this one? Me too. For real. All kidding aside and honesty up - this is about staying in your heart. Following the butterflies in your gut to what excites you, to what feels right. The answer is to hold on to love harder than any fears can grip you.

Fog does not exist for us to lose our way, it's natures way of sharpening our senses.

The third transit to grace us is Uranus oppose Uranus. This will begin for my Uranus in Scorpio generation (born 1975 - 1981) this year on March 7th, although we are most likely already feeling its ramp up. Uranus has big, electric energy and is known as the “Awakener” or Creations right hand man. Oooh… you feel that? An opposition though, in this case is when our natal placement of Uranus is 180 degrees apart from the transiting Uranus. The placement we grew up with is now on the opposite side of the wheel of the current Uranus Energy. We may feel psychologically torn between the two poles. Some say this is a negative because it causes strife. However if one can master its push and pull - its possible to turn the tension into a strength. Evolution comes when maturity allows the two energies to blend harmoniously. Oppositions come to help put us back into alignment, mainly with our outer worlds. The people closest to us may wonder “What the fuck is up with Jessica?” as we seek this alignment. The reality of this transit is feeling the pressure of knowing our life is half over. Its now or never and we will feel very strongly about living our lives on our own terms. Shocking realizations, almost like little bolts of lightning light up our nerve impulses and change (or strengthen) our course forever. For us Uranus in Scorpio people - we already know what that feels like, right? This generation is heavy on the emotional and transformative change in their lives. In fact for some of us, it may feel as if it's been a constant more than an occasional turn around. Our personal and external world may have been turned upside down quite a bit in this lifetime. We are very familiar and hopefully by now comfortable with our shadow sides. During this opposition it will be imperative to embrace our dark natures - instead of fighting against them. The Uranus in Scorpio generation have very, very, (very) deep wells. We are resourceful and innovative. Many a rainbow sheep in this group. When this phase of life begins and continues  we will be asked to reframe the values of generations for the evolution of the entire planet. Yup, I said it. This one isn't just about us, well none of them are really. We need to root down into our precious Earth and embody the WHOLE of us. To value ourSelves above all else and to bring forth this collective shadow. The only way to release these old tendencies is to expose them to the light with GRATITUDE, not remorse. Luckily, we have the support of our ancestors that came before us and the innocent wisdom of the children to guide us forward. So how do we know what to do when this begins next month (and ends in 2025) you ask? Well, first of all we need heal our body mind connection if we want to dance with the big horses. We have to align our hearts and heads so we can listen to our internal coding and trust ourSelves. This is a generation of held back leaders. It's time to dig deep and show them who we are. Do not be afraid.

Ok, are you still here? If so, you have made it to the final transit of midlife. Saturn oppose Saturn is a transit that occurs towards the end of our Uranus opposition and can last a couple years. Saturn is the “Teacher” of our solar system offering karma for poor behavior and rewards for lessons learned. Since this happens at the end of the midlife transits I can almost guarantee what happens next is determined by how we handled the previous three. On a grander scale this is an ending of a personal 15 year cycle in which we will be put in a position of restructuring or empowering ourSelves based on the decisions we have been making. So what do we do when this time arises? The same thing we should be doing now. Living within our integrity. Making our mentors proud. If we have been responsible, using good judgment and exhibiting a high moral compass - this will be our personal ascension. If not? Well, I’m not sure. And I don’t think I even want to go there. Just be willing to be a conscious part of the process, always. Be willing to break the mold.