Lunar Eclipse & the Great Conjunction


  • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer trine Neptune 01.10.20

  • Uranus stations direct in Taurus 01.11.20

The portal opens gently but with an unstoppable determination. We know how far we've come by the amount of turmoil we feel within the eye of it. Is it pure, terrifying chaos? Or spontaneous Energy being given as a gift. A chance to put the pieces back the right way. By saying yes to the moment. Feeling into it. Allowing it. Making friends with the force that is begging us to find our center. No longer making choices away from it. No longer responding unless were inside of it. It is here that we are able to find security within the ebb and flow of evolution. 

The power of Earth initiates our integration into the new timeline. Inspiring us to feel gratitude for the climb, not just the view. While the force of water moves our emotions until they are lucid, transforming our feelings as we experience life as a whole person. This cycle is loaded with surprising combinations that teach us how to honor our inner and outer foundations simultaneously.