Long ago there was a girl. She had just gotten married to a boy. Both were full of dreams and fears. Both had their own past as well as ideas of what their future would be like. Right and wrong, guilt and judgment were as much a part of this new marriage as was joy and excitement, hope and confidence. 

As they continued to build their home, they thought that their life was based on love and the promises they made to each other. They were so very wrong. Although they were filled with passion for their lifetime together, they brought with them additional ingredients. Their upbringing, belief systems, education and culture - all found cozy little spots in the home they shared together. Perhaps even lifetimes of trauma and ignorance sharing this beautiful couples shoes, and sitting with them for their morning coffee. But this is one of the wonderful things about marriage. It's a relationship of dancing around scabs until the love switches gears - and the only way to move forward is to heal instead of avoid. 

It's hard to believe sometimes that the girl in this story is me. My family has been through so much. Undocumented pain and growth has force