The Nature of Us

How do I know to come home to you?

Like waves crashing against the shore.

Why do I long to reach for you?

Like the Suns light warming the Earth.

Who more than me knows where to find you?

Like Starlit stepping stones in the darkest of nights.

No whispered promises of forever,

when an always-kiss is enough.

No expectations of who we should be,

when simply being is enough.

No cage to hold these infinite souls.

Just the beautiful world surrounding,

the nature of you and me.

Like the birds that wake us in the morning

our love opens wide in an unwavering sky.

Like the trees that guard our sacred space

our love is the ground that roots us.

Like the creatures that tread lightly in our grass

our love is the peace that heals us.

Like the moon that dances mysteriously above our heads

our love is the grace that guides us.