Alone Together

She never fell for words that pledged to hide her away from the darkness. He knew she was deeper than the darkest night. He never promised to hold her up to the light. He understood that she held inside - all the suns that would grace new mornings.

He has no shame for what he finds in his heart, for he knows this love is sacred. He gives himself permission to flow - softening all his edges. Accepting the task of his own well being and to be a model for men of his kind. Working through old wounds quietly, he welcomes back his innocence. Awakening their family to new dreams and witnessing the miracle of creation on course.

It is not just up to him to exist, as she powers them through a revolution. As a background to her radiance, protecting his family from all who would bring harm. It is not just for him to secure the lines of their sacred space, to guard their warrior hearts from the evils they wish to heal. With them he walks the path of divine intention, beside the woman who beats his drums.

As he holds space for her to embrace her mission, he finds the courage to let her go to find his own. He can see with new eyes - that it is no longer just about the house they live in or the children they raise. With faith in their back pockets, they walk through the fire of self discovery. Sometimes holding hands and every so often - letting go. Only then can they float down the river together. His YES to her equals a bigger YES to the world. Her purpose is now his - as he finds his way to his own freedom. A Goddess who rises up to elevate the God in him.

She... on a mission to unEarth all the layers of herSelf. To save what will be. To create with their children - the endless flow of energy that is the portal to a love revolution. And there he was, and always will be...

A wolf by her side, and her - his moon.

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