He doesn't Iike when I leave the blow dryer out. Ok I say to him. My mind starts to tell me things... What's the big deal? Doesn't he understand that I'm always in a hurry? Doesn't he appreciate that I clean and put everything away? It's not as bad as leaving a razor out along with black hair covering the sink. Enough to cover a monkey I might add. The minds work causes anger to form, build and well up inside. Everything about me starts to change. I frown. I become tense. If I let it - my mind would grab ahold of any old similar pains I have yet to release and keep going. It would tell me... He has no respect for me. He thinks he's better than me. He thinks men can tell women what to do. Old stuff. More anger. Fear. Pain. Unnecessary heartache 💔 Then my heart creeps in. My heart has grown accustomed to clearing out these congested energies. I breath and grab ahold of all of these old stuck feelings and I release the energy back out into the world. Gone. The current anger is replaced with love and the old anger has been removed allowing more room for peace. The heart begins to influence the mind. Maybe he doesn't like to see the blow dryer because of a bigger reason. Maybe it brings up feelings in him. He has congested "stuck" emotional memories just like me. Like all of us. I can choose to show him anger. Or I can choose to show him love. One keeps things the same. Stuck. Painful. The other brings about peace, understanding, change. So I put my blow dryer away. Or I don't. So I clean up his mess. Or I don't. It doesn't matter. They are jus