Be With Love

Yesterday morning, I heard these beautiful words loud and clear.

I had been going through a rough spell - feeling scattered and ungrounded.

I tried self healing - which helped for a bit. But the uneasy feeling would return.

Finally, I listened. And I was able to emerge from the gloom.

I decided to wake up extra early. This is when the most magic happens for me.

The magic that emerges from silence, like an answered prayer.


Don't just be the love that you are. Be with love.

Hold hands with it in every action.

Welcome it on this journey with you.

I have felt the energy of uncondional love flow through my body, fill up my soul.

But I am still a human - sometimes wandering with seemingly no forward motion.

Sometimes being held back by my own fears that I have yet to discover.

Love the one who feels that fear. Love the one sometimes lost on her way.

In the day to day I always strive to be the love that I am.

And in these moments the lessons penetrate.

In this trying, I wonder. Am I doing this right? Am I living in light?

But that is not love. That is self doubt. The agony of overthinking. Of wanting to help.

To breathe in these words is a remedy.

To be love, but not alone. Love is with me. Love is my partner.