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"The only thing you have to do for us is go to work." I once said to my husband, the man I promised to love and support forever...the father of my children. I just wanted him to provide for us. Financially, emotionally and in all the ways that would support the evolution of me and "my" children. I was so enthralled with the newness of my life. The re-discovering of my authentic Self, my personal healing and awakening. I was growing tired of not being understood. I was tired of the bullshit that came with un-conscious behavior. I had paid my dues and was ready to move on...

How could I be so cold? Did I lose all the love I had for him? No. But, I thought he was lost to us. I thought that the business of life, the distractions of work, the anxiety of living had essentially - swallowed him whole. I thought that maybe, because he was a man - he just would never "get it". I was wrong.

I was moving forward in so many ways. Following my intuition as a dependable guide which was growing stronger everyday. I listened to my heart, even if it was scary - even if it didnt make sence in my mind. I was cautious, but I listened. And the choices I made because of this lead me to wonderful new layers of my life. One of the things I knew was that he and I were not done yet. My mind and my emotions were disenchanted by this, thinking it wasnt possible to fix all that felt broken. But like I said, I trusted my higher self. I listened. I waited. Sometimes patiently, sometimes not.

Being a woman is an honor. Feeling the power of Mother Earth, the Cosmos and the Divine raise up inside is so natural, primal and comfortable. They say that the Divine feminine is the way to healing and enlightenment. And they say that this is her time, she is rising up - no longer willing to be silenced, a queen in the age of freedom. She is re-awakening our world, ushering in a return to higher frequencies of thought. Bringing back important principals to humanity - of nurturing, of love, understanding, compassion, intuition, creativity, healing and wisdom. She is a symbol of restoration and balance. I am not just sharing this because it is what all the mystics and teachers are saying. I am sharing this because I believe it to be truth - I can feel it.

I decided to share some of this insite with my husband. Knowing that he may tune out or label me "even more" crazy. But I didnt care. I wanted to share what I was feeling with him. I didnt want to send him away in a selfish attempt for freedom. I wanted to bring him with us. I wanted to continue evolving with our children as equals with him by my side. Inspired by all of these feelings and a Cherokee proverb I came across...

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul, so as to unite him with Source. A man’s highest calling is to protect woman, so she is free to walk the earth unharmed."

I spoke to him about my desires and my calling. I invited him back into my life, let down my shield and he began to really see my blossoming. I was not becoming someone new, someone better or someone changed. I was simply returning to love and willfully shedding anything that no longer served my greatest good - I was becoming my authentic self. And this was all I ever wanted for him as well. And in my heart I know, that he is on the journey. Bravely embracing all that is himSelf and learning how to change the world - instead of changing himself to fit into this world. This world that NEEDS us to get back on track. To sit in our heart seat and be who we are meant to be. To be happy. To be brave enough to do what is right instead of what is expected. Because that way - the old way is not what brings us happiness.

Now let me be clear. I am not bashing men or the Divine masculine. But too much of anything for too long is not healthy. We as human beings need to find the balance within us. We all have masculine and feminine qualities. The powerful Divine feminine energy brings with it a balance. And I wish this for both men and women. Its not about women taking over the world. Its about seeing and respecting the imortance of both within us and everyone. A woman, is sometimes labeled a bitch if she shows any of her masculine qualities. A man, sometimes labeled a wimp if he exposes any of his feminine nature. This is madness! And it is time that we see it as so.

So come with us. BE who you are meant to be. Try harder to not give up on one another. The easy way is not always the right way. And sometimes, the right way is to seperate and continue your journey apart. The important thing to remember is that we are all imperfect humans, but healing is always possible. Learn how to balance all aspects of yourSelf. Your Spirit, body, emotions and mind. Your feminine and masculine energies. Once you get there you can better access your higher Self, your intuition. You can begin to find your way. And just possibly help someone else find theirs.

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