Love, Tea & Bedtime

What a wonderful weekend I had. So many things in my life feel right. I get to take classes on something I feel called to do. I have passion. A sence of purpose. I have lovely people in my life. Two beautiful boys who came through me into this world. A hardworking and sensitive man who loves me. Fabulous family beyond what the eye can see. Great friends from many stages of my life, and I seem to suddenly know how to make new ones. Most importantly, I am getting to know mySelf more and more everyday, every moment. And this is important because it helps me to understand my relationship to all of these other pieces of my life. These people and things - that I am so grateful for as well as what is unseen. Things that I love anyway and trust will make its way into the flow. The way a trees fallen limb dances into the river and begins to float, as if it was supposed to be there all along.

A little while before I got home tonight, I recieved a text message. Something about love, tea and bedtime. And a