Inspired to help you Find Your Way...

Jessica Thompson is a Holistic Healer embracing the modalities of Healing Touch & Spirit Dance, while studying the ancient art of Yoga Therapy (coming soon). As an energetic channel she specializes in helping others remember themselves by going within. She believes that connecting to Earth and luminary cycles is an essential key to healing from the inside out.


As a homeschooler, her children are her favorite teachers. She is in the process of creating an Astrology program for parents. Helping them through the language of the stars - to deepen their connection with their children, while also seeing them as autonomous beings.


Jessica is grateful for her healing touch and dance clients in and around the Northville area. She enjoys being with her two children and exploring the beautiful forests and beaches of Michigan. There is a wild singing, batter sneaking, dance party in her kitchen almost daily. She loves strange things, beautiful smells, is a life-long learner and honors the balance of light and shadow within us all.